Roles and Responsibilities of Departmental Trainer


Key members of each department will be selected by the Executive Committee/ Heads of Department to be trained to become Departmental Trainers, with responsibility for conducting all departmental on-job-training and assisting in Group Training. Departmental Trainers must have sound technical skills, the respect and trust of their employees and colleagues, and the ability to motivate their employees. They must also be fully conversant with all operational policies and procedures, standards, and training strategies.

The Departmental Trainers have a vital role to play in success of the hotel’s training plan by planning, coordinating and monitoring the training activities in their department.

The principle responsibilities of the Departmental Trainers are as follows :

  1. To assist in the identification of their department’s training needs.
  2. To plan the training activities to satisfy these training needs.
  3. To spend at least two hours per week preparing and conducting training.
  4. To carry out their department’s orientation training for new employees.
  5. To meet with their Heads of Department every month to :

–  Discuss training progress in that month.

– Outline and plan future training activities for the following month(s).

  1. To monitor the standards within their department, and give corrective training to the employees if the standard fall below the agreed level.
  2. To request assistance, support or feedback from the Head Of Department or Training Department whenever needed.

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